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‘Kidney for sale’

November 3, 2017

Thanks to Aniela B. for this reference: Shashank Bengali and Mostaghim, “‘Kidney for sale’: Iran has a legal market for the organs, but the system doesn’t always work,” LA Times (October 15, 2017):

“The advertisements are scrawled in marker on brick walls and tree trunks, and affixed to telephone utility boxes, sidewalks and a road sign pointing the way to one of Iran’s leading hospitals. “Kidney for sale,” read the dozens of messages, accompanied by phone numbers and blood types, splashed along a tree-lined street opposite the Hasheminejad Kidney Center in Tehran. New ads appear almost daily. Behind each is a tale of individual woe — joblessness, debt, a family emergency — in a country beset by economic despair. “If I could sell my kidney, I could get out of debt,” Ali Rezaei, a bankrupt 42-year-old air-conditioning installer, said in the shade of a tree across from the kidney hospital. “I would sell my liver too.” ”


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