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Digital bibliography exercise

December 4, 2017

Due: hard copy in lecture on the last day of the term (Wednesday, December 6)

Format: typed questionnaire, no length requirement

(1) Find a copy of your favorite pre-1920 text in three of the following online repositories: Google Books, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, HathiTrust Digital Library.

// Exception: it cannot be Hard Times because I am using it as an example in lecture.
// Choose just 3 of the 4 repositories listed here.
// I specify “favorite” because you are likely to be more interested in the results, but any pre-1920 text will suffice.
// “a copy” = one copy

(2) Answer these questions for each repository (questionnaire format is fine):

Which editions of your chosen book are held there (publisher & year)?
Which formats are available?
Can you download a copy?
What is the source of the digital text?
Can you annotate and report errors? What is the search functionality?
What are the restrictions on use?
Anything else notable?

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